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Black Parents Aging Podcast

May 10, 2023

Jeanna McKnight is a committed, service-oriented professional who has aligned both her direct-patient care, personal life experiences, as well as professional business experiences into a company that serves aging adults and their loved ones through their Golden Years - Graceful Living.


Through her Caregiver Training, Advocacy, and Education on Senior Resources, Ms. McKnight aims to empower Care Partners with the tools that they need to bridge the gap in healthcare services. Her client-centered approach is focused on one goal - to improve or maintain an individual's quality of life so they're able to age gracefully with both dignity and comfort.


In this episode, Jeanna shares about: 

  • Who a gerontologist is what brought her into the world of senior and aging adults

  • How to know it's time to reach out to a gerontologist

  • How her mediation services work and why you might need them

... and so much more


Connect with Jeanna:


Phone: 866-484-7223