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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

In today’s episode, Nicola speaks to two of her very good friends, Michelle and Kimberly. As you probably know by now, the goal of this show is to help you navigate situations that may arise with your aging parents. Michelle and Kimberly share their experiences and some of the tips that worked for them when their mom became sick.


In a nutshell, they talk about:

  • Their back story, and what happened when their mom got sick.
  • Some of the changes that Michelle started to observe in their mom before she got sick.
  • How they deal with the financials and medication after their mom got sick.
  • The role shift that happened and how they dealt with that.
  • Some of the groups and organizations that supported the two sisters.
  • The roles that other siblings played during this period.

… and so much more!


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