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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

For family and caregivers, it can be hard to watch a loved one battle the challenges of loneliness as they age. But there are many ways to help seniors overcome social isolation and instill a sense of companionship and emotional connection. One proven way to battle the blues is through interaction with animals. It’s no secret that pets can provide unconditional love – they also help seniors maintain a happy, balanced life. Typically, pets are a source of joy, meaning, and purpose - especially for older adults. 


In today’s episode, Nicola talks about how to make sure that pets belonging to older adults are well taken care of should something happen to the individual. In today's episode, she discusses pet trust. 


In a nutshell, she talks about:

  • How pet ownership is linked to estate planning.
  • Why you should have a conversation with your parents about the pets they own.
  • Pet trusts and why they are important.

… and so much more!


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