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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Jul 1, 2021

People who inherit wealth have a significant financial advantage over those who do not. They likely have the ability to avoid student loans as well as other types of costly debt. Instead, their inheritance can be used towards income-generating investments, assets that appreciate in value, or even purchasing their first home. This is the main reason why it is important to be able to pass assets on to the next generation.


In today’s episode, Olivia speaks with Morgan Summers, a financial planner who is on a mission to help young professionals create generational wealth. She talks about why she became a financial planner, lessons she learned from her parents on creating wealth and how to achieve those financial goals we set for ourselves.


In a nutshell, Olivia and Morgan discuss:


  • How to create a mindset that is conscious about creating generational wealth.
  • Why being intentional about creating generational wealth should be at the core of your decisions.
  • Tips for creating a strategy around finances and ignoring the shame and guilt associated with finances. 

… and so much more!


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