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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Jun 11, 2021

As our parents age, our roles often reverse. We take on the role of parent, making sure they take their medications and get to doctors’ appointments. Our parents often hiding health care information from us, or forget to tell us they have not been paying their bills. When you start noticing such, it’s time to have someone appointed by the court to take care of their business. 


In today’s episode, Olivia speaks about the power of guardianship/conservatorship and why we should file for one. By the end of the episode, you will realize that filing for a guardianship/conservatorship is acting in the best interests of your loved one, hence the need to do it sooner. 


In a nutshell, she speaks about:

  • The difference between guardianship and conservatorship.
  • When you might need to file a conservatorship or guardianship.
  • Good resources and tools to help people who have been appointed as a guardianship or conservator.
  • Alternatives to conservatorships and guardianships.

...and so much more


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Black Parents Aging