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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Mar 15, 2023

For many couples, the line between marriage and estate planning is blurry. Estate state planning between a married couple seems like it may not be needed because of the way that married couples generally own things and because wealth transfer between married couples is usually pretty easy. However, one thing is for sure: if you don't create and execute your estate plan, the state will do it for you. 


In today's episode, Nicola and Smith set straight the importance of estate planning in marriage/divorce. If you forget everything, there’s one thing that they both want YOU to remember: Marriage is not an Estate plan. 


Tune in as they talk about:

  • Why getting married or divorced doesn't assure your safety from anything

  • How the state will do the planning for you if you don’t do it 

  • Why younger couples should refrain from feeling it's too early to plan

  • Other options other than a will

  • Having the tough conversations to let people know what you have decided in your plan

  • Thinking through the incapacity side of estate planning

  • How valuable updating your Estate plan is

… and so much more! 


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Connect with Nicola:

LinkedIn: Nicola Robinson


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