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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Mar 8, 2023

While it might be very tempting to draft a DIY will…the word ‘legal’ will always pop up. And in the worst case scenario, you could lose what a beloved has left you. 


In this episode, Olivia talks about the importance of having an attorney draft your estate planning documents. She shares a real-life story of a recent client, Terrell Travis.  Mr. Travis, ignorant of the risks of drafting a will in the absence of an attorney, jeopardized his grandma's properties and almost lost them to strangers. But Smith handled that, and Travis has a story worth your ears. Tune in! 


Tune in as they share about:

  • A brief preface of Travis's grandma and how close they were

  • Travis's knowledge of state planning before his grandma passed away

  • What is legally required of a will

  • The value of hiring an attorney to draft the will

  • The loopholes one leaf in a will and how to avoid them

  • Travis's most stressful part of the whole process

  • What it meant to Travis to finally get what his beloved grandma had passed to him

  • Lessons he has grasped from the process

… and so much more! 


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