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Black Parents Aging Podcast

May 13, 2021

As days go by, you probably will get to a point where you realize that your aging parents need help. There are usually warning signs: difficulty with daily activities; memory problems; trouble with banking and finances; multiple falls; problems with driving; forgetting medications. Sometimes an elderly or ill loved one needs more than occasional assistance -  they need full-time care.


But who will provide that care? A caregiver can really be anyone. It can be a family member or a professional. And so a lot of times when people bring in professionals, thay enter into some type of agreement. This is where the caregiver agreement plays its role. 


In today’s episode, Nicola dives deep into the details of a caregiver agreement. She shares why it’s crucial to have one in place, and the peace of mind that such agreements bring. 


In a nutshell, she covers:


  • The three basic requirements of a caregiver agreement
  • How a caregiver agreement will cut down on disappointment, conflicts, and even legal disagreements
  • Issues you may run into should your caregiver agreement be inappropriately drafted
  • The pros and cons of a caregiver agreement

...and so much more!


A caregiver agreement offers the aging parents’ family security that they will not suffer undue financial consequences. At the same time, it also offers your loved one peace of mind that she or he has a caring advocate to manage their care needs.


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