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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

Unsafe senior driving is a serious issue. When you see warning signs that your parent is no longer safe behind the wheel, it’s time to get them to stop driving. But some older adults stubbornly refuse to give up the keys, no matter what. You might have already done everything you can think of, but don’t give up just yet.

In today’s episode, Nicola shares how you can get your elderly parents to stop driving when it has been deemed unsafe for them. Tune in to learn how to approach such situations tactfully without making your parents feel disrespected.

In this episode, Nicola discuss

  • The kind of physical changes you should keep an eye out for
  • How to tell whether it is time to take your parents off the road
  • The red flag that it's time to take the keys
  • Alternative methods to use in order to take your parents off the road

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