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Black Parents Aging Podcast

Jan 1, 2021

Most people, especially aging parents, hoard because they have an extreme sentimental attachment to their possessions, or they believe they might need items later.  Hoarding can also be a sign that an older person is depressed or showing early symptoms of dementia. Some of the problems associated with hoarding include tripping, falling and breaking a bone; overlooking bills and missing medications that are hidden in the clutter; and suffering from the environmental effects of mold, mildew and dust, and even living among insects and rodents.


In today’s episode, Nicola talks about how to approach the hoarding subject if your parents are hoarders. She also shares how you can help your parents get rid of things they no longer need, and why this is extremely important especially if they wish to remain at home as they age. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • How hoarding can be a cause of  conflict in the home 
  • Why hoarding is a security issue to your aging 
  • How to identify if your parents are starting to be hoarders 
  • What to do if you identify that your parents are hoarders
  • and so much more!


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